There are over 94 million renters in the United States. While some prefer this lifestyle, others are forced into it. Millions of people have to sign over their paycheck to a landlord every month, when they could be building wealth in a home that they own. A poor credit score often traps people in this lifestyle, and as they are throwing money away every month it can be incredibly difficult to get out.

We work with people to get them out from under the heap. By offering debt repair we  increase credit scores, decreasing interest rates and making mortgages available. We offer debt consolidation to decrease the monthly interest and principal payments you have to shell out every month. And we supply financial aid and education advice, to allow people the greatest opportunity to invest in their career.

Are you tired of signing over your paycheck to a landlord every month while you could be building wealth in a home that you own? Are you trapped in this lifestyle by a poor credit score and found it incredibly difficult to get out?



Helping individuals work towards home ownership.