How smart a home buyer are you?

Take this quiz to see whether you are a smart home buyer!

1) Which matters more?

2) When buying a home "For Sale By Owner," you can't use a buyer's agent.

3) How much should you expect to pay for closing costs?

4) The title insurance you're required to buy in order to get your loan is for your own protection.

5) If you draw any money from your Roth IRA to buy your first home, you have to pay it back before retirement.

6) Adjustable-rate mortgages can still be a good deal for some people, even when rates are rising.

7) About how much will a home inspection typically cost you?

8) Who needs private mortgage insurance?

9) You find a condo you like. Your realtor tells you two other units in the building sold for $200,000 and $225,000. What should you offer?

10) As a new homeowner, what costs can you deduct from income when you file your federal taxes?

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